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Ehsan Jso

I’m a master's student at the Computer Science department of the University of Waterloo supervised by Prof. Jian Zhao. Prior to that, I did my bachelor's in ECE at the University of Tehran with a minor in Computer Engineering. While studying for my bachelor's I worked part-time as a Lead React Developer at Hamravesh co. I love designing and developing different tools and interactive visualizations. On my researcher side, my research interest is on HCI and Information Visualization. Also, as a developer, I am getting more interested every day in 3D on the web, so three.js is like my new fun library to work with.

Work Experience

May 2022 - Present

Working as a software engineering intern, migrating and testing previous components written in Django/Javasctipt to Next.js/Typescript.

HamraveshHamravesh co.

Aug 2018 - Dec 2020

Worked as a software engineer, designing and implementing user interfaces for company's products, interactive visualizations to improve transparenty and explainability of the infrastructure, and end to end monitoring tools to help customers monitor their websites indipendently.



CS 886

Eemoji is an animated and vibrated emoji enriched text messaging for smartwatches to convey emotion captured and detected from the user input voice. The user voice will be transformed into text and emotion. The emotion will be used to recommend a set of emojis. The voice features will be used to animate the emoji and vibrate the smartwatch for an elevated experience of emotion-based emojis.

Github Paper



Improve Decision-Making Satisfaction in Overchoice Scenarios with Human-Empowered Nudges. Built a Human centered Explainable Artificial Intelligence(XAI) interface for a movie recommender project. The recommender is developed similar to Akinator, and various interactive visualizations are used to make the blackbox model explainable.

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CS 889

Fostering Creative Story Writing Through Personalized Question-Asking Agents. Made a text editor empowered with NLP to help writeres when they face writers block by asking questions about characters in the story.

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CS 889

An Interactive Visualization for Decentralized Finance Applications in Ethereum Blockchain. Visualized various metrics for DeFi protocols over a time period to help users find insights in the blockchain data.

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A try on remaking the Balance game with a Miror edgish white and red theme on the web using React three fiber and blender.

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